ZheJiang Baosco New Materials Corp.

Quality assurance

With South Korea imported full automatic flying shear line, Kaiping precision and flatness to reach the international advanced level.

Has 5 international leading large diameter vacuum coating equipment, as well as a number of small diameter magnetron sputtering coating machine, the preparation of metal ion film dense smooth, uniform color and lasting, with excellent binding force and weather resistance.

Three representative domestic mirror grinding and the highest level of continuous type mirror grinding and a plurality of Japanese imports of fully automatic four wheel mirror grinding machine, Bao Hong has a high-quality mirror panels of the country's largest production capacity, product surface is bright and clean degree reached international standards of 8K.

Japan has imported silk screen printing machine and precision etching line, can produce a variety of high quality requirements of the engineering orders.

The introduction of coating equipment and precision up to 25 meters of thermosetting line, make the anti fingerprint line of Bao Hong to reach the domestic advanced level.

Have a number of CNC shear and bending equipment, processing accuracy of up to + 0.5mm.

  • 48 mirror grinding head grinding machine

  • Coating machine control panel

  • Grain grinding machine

  • Kaiping machine

  • Anti fingerprint board production line

  • High pressure chemical etching production line in six window

  • Sand blasting machine

  • Double furnace coating machine

  • Four axis mirror grinding machine