ZheJiang Baosco New Materials Corp.

Quality assurance

Quality Control:Top Honest pursues the highest quality standards with our strict quality control procedures . We are an ISO9002 certified company since 1997 and pass ISO9000 review and obtain the ISO9001:2008 certification. Each individual products has to pass the quality inspection process with specific equipments . Since 1999 , we became the authorized and recommended supplier of stainless steel products in the E.E.C. by CCPIT (China Council for promotion of international trade ) and ATN ( Association Technology Nouvelle the France) . Our complete range of PVD coated products have also passed the American ASTM-B117 500 hours SALT SPRAY TEST .

Raw material guarantee:Our company is the direct user Baoxin Company, our company from most of the material is new and new.

Auxiliary material guarantee:More than 80% of the company's accessories, such as protective film, grinding media, such as the use of imported materials, to ensure the high quality of the product surface.

Top Honest pursues the highest quality standards with our strict quality control procedures.We adopt internationally advanced testing equipments, strict and pragmatic means of inspection, professional inspection team. There is a series of inspections, from raw materials incoming, product process to final inspection. In order to prevent product defective outflow and ensure qualified high-end products to final customers, we adopt clear division, personal responsibility, checking at each level. That is why Top honest enjoy a high responsibility & in the domestic and international markets.