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1. General maintenance knowledge of stainless steel products

The daily protection of

1. stainless steel requires the operation of stainless steel common sense personnel, or after the training of maintenance personnel.

2. storage should pay attention to moisture, dust, oil, lubricating oil, and surface rust, or poor welding, corrosion resistance decreased. When the water between the film and the steel substrate is immersed in water, the corrosion rate is faster than that without the film. The warehouse should be placed in a clean, dry air at ETS maintain packaging state of the original film, the stainless steel should avoid direct sunlight, the film should periodically check if the metamorphic film (film life of 1 years) should be immediately replaced with a pad of paper packaging material if soaked, to prevent corrosion should immediately get rid of pad paper.

3. cleaning stainless steel surface must pay attention to the surface scratch phenomenon, avoid using bleach ingredients and grinding agent washing liquid, steel wire ball, grinding tools, etc., in order to remove the washing liquid, washing the end of the rinse surface with clean water.

4. stainless steel detergent is neutral detergent or neutral carbonated soda water, special detergent, soap, weak detergent, alcohol and organic solvent, etc..

5. stainless steel is then mixed with iron chromium alloy and some other trace element. It has good metallic properties and is more corrosion resistant than other metals. However, if used improperly, the trace metal elements in stainless steel will accumulate slowly in the human body, reaching a certain amount will endanger human health, such as nickel is a carcinogen. The use of stainless steel tableware to be especially careful, not a long time for strong acid or alkali to prevent food, such as chromium and nickel metal dissolution; stainless steel utensils for decocting Chinese medicine cannot, in case of stainless steel under the condition of heating and alkaloids in traditional Chinese medicine and organic acid reaction, generate more toxic chemicals.

6. do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite and other washing. Because these substances are the electrolyte, the same chemical reaction with stainless steel.

Avoid scratches and bruises on the surface when cleaning the surface of


two. Appropriate cleaning cycle according to the environment

in order to maintain the stainless steel surface gorgeous and clean, it is necessary to long-term use of stainless steel periodic washing and management. Stainless steel surface cleaning should use pure cotton cloth or other soft cloth, can not use 100 clean cloth and other surface of hard rough material, strictly prohibit the use of steel ball and abrasive detergent.

three. Washing method according to surface condition

1, general notice

washing should pay attention to no surface scratch, avoid bleaching ingredients and detergent containing abrasive, wire ball (brush roller ball), grinding tools, etc., in order to remove the washing liquid, washing at the end, rinse with clean water surface. The hair plate should be scrubbed along the surface of the hair to avoid scratching in the vertical direction.

2, according to the surface state of treatment

3. stainless steel decorative board

four. Notice for use of stainless steel coating plate (anti fingerprint plate)

the quality of the coating product meets the requirements of the surface quality standard for exported stainless steel decorative panels (SNT1671-2005).


surface coating has excellent adhesion, corrosion resistance, stable performance, in normal environment, indoor or outdoor, has antioxidant, do not fade, not lose luster without a trace, not easy to pollution, but if use and protection is not in place there will still be a membrane layer adhesion film color variation and even decline stripping happen. In order to ensure the stable use of coating products, according to the above requirements for the protection and routine maintenance of the plate, but also should pay attention to the following aspects of work.

ordering and processing:

1. if the product is used outdoors or harsh environment, please explain before the order is signed, in order to optimize the coating process in order to adapt to the special use requirements.

If there is subsequent processing on the surface of

2. coating, please avoid contacting strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxidizing chemicals to avoid ultraviolet irradiation for a long time.

The color of

3. coating will change to some extent due to the influence of the external environment, but the difference between the initial color and the initial color will not be greater, and the overall color is not chromatic aberration. In order to achieve the same color of the final product, please avoid mixing the goods with more than half a month interval.

4. coating products if welding or local high temperature may lead to film instability or color change, please know before use.

field installation:

1. stainless steel building materials inside the use of bonding equipment, or reinforcement materials, because all kinds of materials composition is more complex, please try to avoid contact with the surface of the board, if accidentally touched, as soon as possible in accordance with the above fourth methods to clean up.

Do not accumulate dirt on the joint of

2. plate to avoid the corrosion of the film caused by long term corrosion.

3. in the construction, please do the stainless steel surface protection, after the completion of the project, please according to the requirements to remove the protective layer.

4. cleaning liquid used for stone and so on, because it will damage the surface of stainless steel coating, so please pay attention not to attach to it. In case of attachment, rinse quickly with clean water.

5. if there is cement in the construction, along the edge of the plate and plate penetrate between the protective film and the plate, please clean up in time.

6. in the project completely clean attached to the stainless steel on the plaster, sand, iron sand, etc..

daily protection and maintenance:

After cleaning liquid,

1. must be rinsed completely with clean water. Attention should be paid not to keep the stainless steel surface on the liquid medicine, otherwise it will damage the film.

2. stainless steel protection oil on the market may corrode the coating surface. If you need to use it, please use the sample test before you can use it in large area.

3. coating product surface dirt, please clean up in time, in accordance with the above fourth methods to clean up.

five. Other considerations

The application range of

1. protective film is (-30) -50 DEG C, and the service life is 1 years. Please don't use it beyond the temperature and range of use, avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid contamination of stainless steel surface caused by membrane degumming.

2. please put in a clean, dry place to avoid moisture infiltration wind easily, causing pollution and rusty plate.

3. cleaning agent to clean up the pollution, please try to use cotton cloth local test brush, to determine the cleaning effect, if the test results are satisfied, and then all cleaning methods. And cleaning not only do the pollution part, as far as possible even the surrounding parts also do cleaning. Cleaning liquid must be cleaned with clean water. The cleaning solution must not be left on the surface of stainless steel. Otherwise, the residual liquid is difficult to be removed after drying.

4. in order to avoid pollution and rust, please use to avoid contact with strong acid, strong alkali and oxidizing substances.

The tearing film of

5. product must be torn off at one time, and can not be torn half and left half on top.